Our first-ever Twit-Kicks All-Star, Andy Oliver, is also one of the biggest sneaker bargain-hunters on the net. In his weekly column, Andy helps save you money on sneakers everyone else is paying a grip for.

Andy says: "Nike's "Attack Pack" takes the 2010 crown for largest "pack" of sneakers. Amongst all of the models and colorways, there were quite a few hits, and of course, quite a few misses. The Air Maxim received one of the better color treatments (we co-signed back in March), and now they're starting to roll through eBay for around $50 to $60. There are even a smattering of sizes remaining in non-"Attack Pack" makeup's like the Parra Maxim collaboration for the same low price. If you're back at school and looking to turn heads on the cheap, these are a great option."