"In Texas, we call this the Drank shoe. The sneaker guys call it the Drank shoe or the DJ shoe. It's purple, like the drank, and it's dripping like the candy paint on the car, which is the whole concept behind the shoe. And I've gotta say, big shout out to Nike. Like I said, these people know how to put their stories in, and they do the research. They make sure that, when they touch on something, they try to incorporate as many elements of what they're doing as possible. To just have the paint dripping of the side down on the shoe is classic. But yeah, that shoe is definitely one of the first ones I saw that was completely built around not just the Houston theme, but really catered to what we do in Houston. So, definitely kudos on that shit. Funny story is, when I went to Niketown London and did some iDs with the Black Magic patent leather, and I incorporated four different colors with the white sidewall, they wouldn't let me do it. The problem was, the Black Magic patent leather would bleed onto the white. So they stopped letting people put white on the shoe. I said, 'Look, just put it on my shoe. I don't care. It's gonna make my shoe even better to have these colors dripping down onto the white.' And they were like, 'Well, we can't knowingly make you a defective shoe. It's against our company standards.' And I was like, 'Look, just for once, don't have any standards, man. We're talking about making an incredible shoe, that's what this process is. It's about making a shoe that's of its own.' He's like, 'Believe me, I get it, I get it. I just can't do it.' So I said, 'Send me a pair of defective shoes that you aren't gonna use. Don't sell it to me, give it to me.' He just laughed, he said 'I wish.' "