"This shoe was an exclusive for the opening of the House of Hoops in Houston, which was a very big moment in Houston for the sneakerheads. There were so many instances where we'd have to call out to other stores in other cities to get a lot ofo stuff. But when this store opened, it was the first time where I had people from New York calling Houston, saying 'Hey, can you help me get this shoe?' You have no idea how many times I've had to call someone in New York, LA or Chicago. Like, 'Yo, can you run to House of Hoops? Can you run to Mercer? Can you run uptown and get me something?' But this one was where people were calling me, like 'Yo, B.' Cause there was also a Fusion 4 for the grand opening, and a couple other releases. It was a clean shoe: white, candy—both of them were patent leather, and both had the blue and red specks in them. I mean, they really killed the game with this shoe."