"Man, trying to get that shoe was probably one of the hardest things. It was not a joke. There were only 23 in the city, and it was a process, and they had the line, they had an auction. It was intense, and there was a lot of money people threw around on this. I was there, I was prepared to throw the money down. And right before I put a couple of stacks on the line for it, I got a text, like, 'You're good.' But I literally spent about $1,500 on that shoe. And the guy that got it for me spent more than that to get it. But just to see that 23 Finale, I was like, 'You know what? I've been down since the first shoe. So it'd be stupid of me, a person who actually went to the store and bought the first numbered Air Jordan, to not go to the store and buy the last one.' I got the bookends, as they say."