"To me, the Jordan XI is one of the cleanest-designed shoes, and I don't think there's a colorway that's wrong. You'd probably have to do plaid and tie-dye to fuck up an 11. And being in Houston, the patent leather shoe is king, because of the whole candy car culture. We call patent leather shoes 'candy shoes.' When you've got a shoe with candy on it, when you've got a car with candy on it, you're doing it. I remember when the first 11s came out, it was really a problem on the street. I mean, the 11s were the first shoe that I remember people close to me actually being threatened over. This was the shoe that I saw robbed from a guy. I don't understand that concept really, but for that shoe? I wouldn't do it, but I understand. The re-release of it was one of the first instances where I saw parents and kids trying to get the same shoe. I saw a lot of dads. And that's another thing you really see with Jordan. You see a lot of parents and the kids both being into the shoes."