"Here's the thing: everyone who's ever wanted this shoe still wants this shoe. There's some shoes that you want, but after some time has passed, you didn't worry about it anymore. But if you ever wanted the fucking Jordan 4 Undefeated and never got them, you still want it. When I saw James Bond and I did Gumball, and one of the first things that I said to him was, 'If you've got any of those 4s...' He's like, 'Anything else you need, let me know.' [Laughs] But I keep holding out, I keep telling him, 'If I make the Christmas List, that's what I want.' [Laughs] Shout out to an amazing company, Undefeated, who's done some amazing things in the sneaker and lifestyle world. I think this would probably rate as one of the craziest things they've ever done. This and the Gold Joints, I think, are my two favorite shoes. But this shoe here, my God, that army green 4, you can't really beat that. And the orange accents on it really killed it. The crazy thing is, in the closet, I have an old school army green jacket with the orange lining in it that would kill that shoe. Everything else is deep in boxes, but that jacket stays close to the top just in case."