"This is the second half of the DJ pack with AM, and I hate that this kind of went down so far on the list, but by no means is it any less significant than any other shoe on here. I definitely give props to Nike for giving Premier this kind of look. He's a sneakerhead on the low, and he helped pick the materials on this. Orange is a good color, and it's a big color for him, but this is another shoe like the Black Friday where you'd almost never get this quality of materials for the price point. Premier was adamant about incorporating as much as he could into the shoe without people having to blow their pockets out to get. He wanted a hot shoe, and he wanted it to be fly, but without having people pay $200 for it. And this was a great compromise. I'm so proud of him for that and, again, shouts to Nike for putting out an incredible package on this one. I've got two pairs of these, because I have the pair that was given to me, but then I went and bought another pair of Premiers. It's a shoe I want to be able to have, because it definitely says a lot and marks a time in history for me."