SneakerDeal_7_15Our first Twit-Kick All-Star, Andy Oliver, is also one of the biggest sneaker bargain-hunters on the net. In his new column, Andy helps save you money on sneakers everyone else is paying a grip for.

Andy says: "The Asics Gel Lyte III has had a strong 2010 thus far, largely due to Ronnie Fieg's Super Reds and Navy Aquas. Ronnie's shoes sold out in minutes, so we won't be seeing them on any sale racks, but this week's deal is the next best thing. Asics' "Gentleman's Pack" includes two of the nicest, most premium Gel Lytes not designed by someone named Fieg. This pack wasn't available Stateside, but Hanon in the U.K. has these available on clearance for the ridiculous price of $54. Of course, shipping will cost a bit more than usual, but given the price, a few extra dollars won't break the bank. If you can't mess with the split tongue, check out their last few pairs of All-Star Air Force 1s for $36.