What are the best sneakers of 2009? To answer this question, we assembled a panel of sneaker experts, including Matt Halfhill (founder of NiceKicks.com), DJ Clark Kent (God's favorite DJ), Mayor (AF1 King), Chris Vidal (ALIFE Manager), and Will Whitney (head coach of 21 Mercer and founder of Nom de Guerre). Last week, each expert shared their personal Top 10, and now everyone is coming together to determine the official Top 10 Sneakers of 2009. We even caught the whole debate on video.

Leading off the list at #10, is the Nike Air Yeezy. It can be argued that some bought into the hype (we definitely did), but even the haters can't deny that the sneaker was a ground-breaking release. The Air Yeezy was an iconic shoe for 2009 because it was the first time Nike allowed someone other than a pro athlete to design a signature sneaker. This shoe was a project unlike anything we had seen, or probably will see again. Watch the video below to see the expert panel's debate on why the Nike Air Yeezy is the #10 sneaker of 2009...


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