On July 4th, Los Angeles tattoo artist-turned culture icon Mr. Cartoon re-releases his original Nike collaboration Air Force 1 in a special Livestrong colorway. The new Black/Black-Varsity Maize Mr. Cartoon Air Force 1 will be the first time Mr. Cartoon's "Spider Web" toebox goes on sale to the public. It was first released as a 2005 Hyperstrike version of the Mr. Cartoon AF1 (50 to Cartoon, 50 to UNDFTD), with additional retail outlets selling the still limted, but different tattoo pattern. This Livestrong-ed up colorway joins the other "Greatest Hits" including the soon to be released Futura FLOM Dunk, Hideout Woven, and Busy P. Air Force 1, created to hype Lance's involvement in the Tour de France, which starts on Saturday, July 4th.

Mr. Cartoon is a sneaker kingpin, and his signature models of both Nike and Vans helped define the earlier years of the newest generation of sneaker heads. Hit the jump for a history of Mr. Cartoon's collaborations, including the Livestrong AF1, which comes out on Saturday...


RELEASE: Early Spring 2005
SNEAKER: Mr. Cartoon x Nike Air Force 1 Hyperstrike
• Cartoon comes on the scene with Eddie Cruz and UNDFTD with both a Hyperstrike and Quickstrike version of the shoe.


RELEASE: Spring 2005
SNEAKER: Mr. Cartoon x Nike Air Force 1 Quickstrike
• If you weren't in the 100 who got gifted (or paid out the ass for) the "Spiderweb" Cartoons, this version was available at premium Nike boutiques in limited quantity.


RELEASE: Spring 2005
SNEAKER: Mr. Cartoon x Nike Air Force 1 (Cinco de Mayo)
• The first round of the Air Force 1s went so well, Nike decided to throw a big 'ol L.A. pre-Cinco de Mayo party. What's a Nike party without a sneaker, right? Guess when these puppies hit retail.


RELEASE: Fall 2005
SNEAKER: Mr. Cartoon x Nike Air Force 1 (Brown Pride)
• Arguably the least hyped of the Mr. Cartoon AF1s, these came out a little later but still kept a following, particularly in the Los Angeles crowd.


RELEASE: Fall 2005
SNEAKER: Mr. Cartoon x Vans Syndicate Authentic "S"
• Mr. Cartoon's Authentics were part of the first Vans Syndicate series, now a name synonymous with style and quality in the sneakerhead set.

RELEASE: Summer 2007
SNEAKER: Mr. Cartoon x The Simpsons x Vans Slip-On and Sk-8 Hi
• To promote the Simpsons movie, Vans teamed up with the franchise and an all-star cast of artists to create sneakers based around the pop-cuture characters.


RELEASE: Fall, 2007
SNEAKER: Mr. Cartoon x Vans Syndicate Sk-8 Hi
• Mr. Cartoon kept it classy for his return to the Syndicate series in 2007.


RELEASE DATE: Summer 2009
SNEAKER: Mr. Cartoon x Livestrong x Nike Sportswear "Greatest Hits" Air Force 1
• You should be BBQing and drinking beer on Saturday, but if you can get someone to give you a ride down to UNDFTD or a boutique of similar caliber, you'll be one of the few to cop these super-limited L.A. tough guy meets Lance super biker x Nike Sportswear. Get there!