DC Shoes is getting ready to drop it's SixPack collection, the first of a series of apparel/footwear collaborations that will define the LIFE division of the brand for the next few seasons. SixPack is a French label known for bringing great artists to clothes, and the "Non Merci" collection was designed by AKROE, a.k.a. Etienne Bardelli as a SixPack for DC series.

These Xanders will hit in about a month for $150, and are dope, but the real success of the collaboration is through the clothing. Hit the jump to see a preview of pieces from the upcoming Fall collection, including a leather Metro jacket and an insane reversible coach jacket. DC Shoes Life Collection, SixPack, AKROE
DC Shoes LIFE Collection x SixPack France Metro Jacket

DC Shoes LIFE Collection x SixPack France reversible coach jacket

DC Shoes LIFE Collection x SixPack France Cubicle T-Shirt