Last Friday night, we headed to 21 Mercer St. to do battle with ?uestlove in the first round of the Nike Sportswear ID Royale. The competition puts 32 contenders in a March Madness-style bracket with one champion emerging victorious after five weeks of competition.

The theme of the competition is to design a shoe that "best represents the greatest college basketball team of all time." Our Dunk design was inspired by the classic colorway of the Nike Air Flight Huarache that Michigan's Fab 5 wore back in 1992'maybe not the "greatest" team ever, but definitely a squad (and shoe) that forever changed the game. We're not really sure what ?uest was inspired by...perhaps Homer Simpson? Sorry homie, we're just trying to advance our votes, we ain't trying to make you the butt of our jokes. Vote Complex HERE (you can vote as many times as you want) before March 18.