Abington footwear preview at the Compass Show, Las Vegas

Last Thursday and Friday, Las Vegas got a little footwear preview before the big guns of fashion descended upon the city. We stopped in at the Compass Trade Show, held on the 12th and 13th, to shake some babies and look at some sneakers, and this week we're up at MAGIC and Project (that update will be online soon).

Trade shows are evil, but they do serve one purpose: getting product leaks out to the Internet! Check out some photos that we were able to grab off the show floor, including a look at Fall '09 product by ALIFE, Generic Man Surplus, Clarks, Clae, Supra, PF Flyers, and Abington...

Clae Summer/Fall '09 Russell

Abington Spring '09

Clarks White Desert Boot

Generic Man Surplus Fall '09

PF Flyers Fall '09

Supra Footwear TK Society