Award won: Best Makeup

Now here's an individual award we can totally get behind. Rick Baker, Hollywood's long-winning master of practical effects, created some of the best makeup work of the last decade in The Wolfman, turning a nicely cast Benicio Del Toro into a hairy, growling, ferocious lycanthrope that stands on two legs and doesn't have a computer-generated thing about him. It's a wonderful progression from the look of Lon Chaney, Jr.'s wolf in the 1941 original movie of the same name.

Maybe they should've just let Baker write and direct the damn thing too. Outside of Del Toro's knockout werewolf moments, director Joe Johnston's much-troubled production (which barely got completed amidst director changes and other backstage drama) is poorly paced, a bit too grisly for its own good, and stupidly divulges into CGI overload for a moronic, action-heavy climax that pisses all over Chaney, Jr.'s legacy.