Awards won: Best Production Design, Best Costume Design

The Great Gatsby may indeed deserve the awards that it won, but the overall quality of the film is pretty bad. In a movie all about excess, it’s no surprise that the production, costumes, and dazzling visual effects are super high budget, especially since it’s directed by Baz Luhrman. But no amount of CGI can save this film from being what it is: boring. It’s obvious that too much time and money was spent on these aspects of the film, and for this reason there is very little substance beyond the surface. 

The beginning of the film is a thrill ride of money, women, and booze, but after that, the fun dies out. Without all the bacchanalia, the movie depends on the acting, plot, and themes, which are mediocre at best. Luhrman seems to misrepresent the themes of the beloved novel, and even those who read F. Scott Fitzgerald’s book five times, or perhaps even more so these people, will find this interpretation to be a let down.