Awards Won: Best Makeup and Hairstyling

Easily the worst movie to win an Oscar in the past twenty years, Suicide Squad is god awful trash. The script feels unfinished at worst and barely thought through at best. Every single actor is wasted here, and that includes Will Smith and Viola Davis, two actors who can easily elevate any movie they’re in. Even they failed to make this movie at least appear competent. The action scenes are either rote or impossible to see, given how the dark the cinematography is (part of the DC Cinematic Universe’s ode to making all of their films figuratively and literally as dark as possible). Now, you may be thinking, “It didn’t win an Oscar for acting, directing, or even cinematography! It won for Best Makeup and Hairstyling, it must be good at that at least, right?” and you’d be somewhat right. Harley Quinn looks impressive and will influence Halloween costumes for years to come, but the makeup on literally everyone else looks pretty bad, so it didn’t even deserve that one award, especially when compared to Star Trek Beyond, which it was up against that year.