Award won: Best Makeup

Take another look at the Grinch in the picture above. That really looks nothing like Jim Carrey, does it? Once again, makeup champion Rick Baker transformed an instantly identifiable Hollywood A-lister into an unrecognizable, inhuman character, and, for the sixth time since 1982, the Academy awarded him for it. And Carrey, for his part, did Mr. Baker proud, giving a creepy, unhinged performance as Dr. Seuss' scariest antagonist. Which makes it a shame that everything else about director Ron Howard's stilted book-to-film adaptation betrays the great work of both Baker and Carrey.

Howard and the rest of his filmmaking team tried morphing the childlike wonder of Seuss' source material into an edgier tale that could skew toward older audiences as well. So, as a result, you've got a Grinch with a cliched nobody-liked-me-as-a-kid backstory, an overall tone that's weirdly negative (for a kid's movie), and gross sight gags that lack imagination (i.e., the Grinch pushing a man's face into a dog's butt). This movie is butt, in other words.