Awards Won: Best Actor (Gary Oldman), Best Makeup and Hairstyling
Gary Oldman is a very good actor. He is very bad in Darkest Hour, to the point that I sometimes refer to it as Gary Oldman’s The Nutty Professor. Casting Oldman as Winston Churchill was already a bizarre choice, given the fact that he looks nothing like him and the makeup used to make Oldman look like Churchill probably could have been used to hire an actor who actually looks like him. Beyond that, his performance doesn’t even justify the casting choice; Oldman blusters and yells in an almost unintelligibly thick British accent, but he somehow got an Oscar out of it. Kristin Scott Thomas is fine as his wife, but everyone else is instantly forgettable, besides Gary Oldman, whose performance you wish you could forget. 

Not only is the performance unintentionally hilarious, the movie itself is pretty boring, hitting all of the moments you’d expect in any movie about WWII. Ironically enough, there’s a section of the movie dedicated to the crisis in Dunkirk, the exact subject of Christopher Nolan’s infinitely more interesting film Dunkirk, which came out the same year.