Spirited co-stars Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds managed to pull off one hell of a swap on competing talk shows on Wednesday night.

Ferrell, for example, showed up on Jimmy Kimmel Live! in lieu of Reynolds, whose new film Red Notice debuts this week and also stars Dwayne Johnson and Gal Gadot.

“Ryan couldn’t make it,” Ferrell explained after being introduced to the audience as Reynolds. “I got a text from him that said he was running late which usually means he’s not gonna show up. He just asked if I would fill in and I just rolled down the hill because I live up near the Magic Castle. I live at the Magic Castle, you know that. I’ve always kept a suite of rooms there.”

From there, Ferrell noted that he is indeed not in Red Notice and hasn’t seen even a second of it. Still, he kindly offered to answer a number of questions Kimmel had originally planned for Reynolds. This led to Ferrell speaking on Blake Lively’s oatmeal and nachos preparation methodology, Halloween, gym routines, and more. The Shrink Next Door star also showed the audience his stomach, comparing it to Reynolds’.

Meanwhile, Reynolds showed up in Ferrell’s place over on The Tonight Show, offering host Jimmy Fallon a similar explanation for his Spirited co-star’s absence. 

“I’m just as disgusted as you are with these plastic, playboy, Hollywood prima donnas who think they can just, you know, have a talk show appearance and then just not show up,” Reynolds said. “Will Ferrell, too, he loves late-night talk shows. He’s a late-night talk show slut. Who blows this off?”

According to Reynolds, who declined to talk Red Notice, he “made a solemn swear on the life of my children” that he would “deliver” an adequate Shrink-promoting appearance for “the golden god” Ferrell.

Reynolds then fielded some Shrink questions, resulting in a mention of Ferrell’s co-star Paul Rudd as “aging backwards because of his contract with satan” and an inaccurate explanation of the new Apple TV+ original as being part of the extended Ant-Man universe.

“It’s Marvel Phase 16, which everybody is saying is way more relatable,” Reynolds said. 

The Shrink Next Door, also starring Kathryn Hahn, premieres on Apple TV+ on Nov. 12. That same day, Red Notice hits Netflix following its recent theatrical release.