A remarkably rewatchable clip from a new British dating show is, quite understandably, enjoying some massive virality this week.

The clip in question, taken from a recently launched Channel 4 show titled The Love Trap, opens with a familiar man named David being asked who—in his opinion—is “a love trap.” (While describing videos like this one arguably sucks the fun out of them, doing so is more or less required in articles of this nature.) After David makes his selection, the chosen woman—and, in all fairness, you should pause reading and play the clip first unless you’re cool with one hell of a spoiler—quite literally falls through the floor. 

The show’s setup, in short, is that the contestant is tasked with getting to know multiple people who are vying for his romantic attention before later eliminating the one he believes is already in a relationship of some sort. And while the viral clip above may suggest that the whole falling-through-the-floor-bit is a total shock to all involved, that’s not exactly the case.

As explained by host and comedian Joel Dommett prior to this particular episode’s trapdoor reveal, those eliminated “won’t be leaving through the front door.” After a brief tease of the trapdoor-related activities to come, one of the women expressed surprise, saying she “did not expect to be going through the floor.” Even with this warning, however, it’s clear from the ensuing footage (a longer version of which is available up top) that no amount of preparation could make the experience any less memeable.

As always, see below for a look at how the Love Trap conversation is shaping up.