Where: Apple TV+

Growing up as a kid who loved Snoopy and the Peanuts comic strip, the animated Peanuts holiday specials are must-watches. When the franchise became Apple TV+ exclusive a few years back, the only way civilians could check it out was on PBS. Its PBS airing was last weekend, though, which means that Apple TV+ is not allowing you to stream the series for free like in previous years, so you will have to cop a subscription (or a seven-day free trial) in order to stream it properly. Now, WHY would you want to watch a 25-minute animated special about a big pumpkin? Because it’s the shit, that’s why.

The special features three different storylines: the main story is Linus (with Lucy) waiting for The Great Pumpkin to arrive, while Charlie Brown is trying to spend a night out on the town. Finally, it would appear that Snoopy /checks notes/ drops acid and trips out, believing he’s a fighter pilot? I don’t know, that scenario in particular never made sense to me. In any case, Linus’ excitement over some pumpkin deity that he may have created on his own always fascinated me, almost as much as Charlie Brown’s terrible ghost costume-making skills. That Tricks or Treats segment is the best thing in the entire special, though (and was the source of one of my favorite scratch routines). It’s arguably the second-best Peanuts special, primarily because it has a somewhat-satisfactory story arch.

Still don’t know if there’s even a real Great Pumpkin; maybe next year I will build the most sincere pumpkin patch and find out. —khal