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It’s been just over five months since the PS5 launched and took the gaming world by storm, and now Sony has some new updates for the console to make the gameplay experience even more immersive. 

The Playstation Blog outlined some of the new features to be included in the April update. One of the enhancements the PS5 will receive is the ability to engage in cross-generational share play. When the next-gen console first launched in November, it allowed for Sony’s large back catalog of PS4 games to be playable. With share play, PS4 users can share access to their friend’s PS5 screen or even play PS5 games from their older console.

More adjustments include enhanced control and personalization options like customizing your game library, optimizing screen zoom to fit your vision, tweaking how many trophies are visible, disabling in-game chat, and more. The update also comes with new features for the Playstation App such as saving products to your wishlist, getting notifications from friends, and changing your online status. Sony plans to roll out more functions in the coming weeks.

Storage expansion is one of the more eye-catching updates, where you can now transfer games to a USB drive to save storage on the actual console.

“PS5 titles also cannot be directly downloaded to USB extended storage,” the blog reads. “However, games that you transfer or copy back to internal storage will automatically update when applicable. In addition, you can select which game modes you want to install (such as campaign or multiplayer) for select titles that support the option.”

Expect these updates to hit your PS5 tomorrow, April 14.