Dubious “political commentator” Tomi Lahren, who has the name and personality of the pledge master in a sorority movie, has made it her mission to fuel hatred and bigotry via her hot take-heavy Twitter account and her television appearances. Most recently, she attempted to slam the March For Our Lives and the Parkland shooting survivors, only to be shut down by Twitter users with basic reading skills.

Lahren rose to fame with her own show on Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, a match made in alt-right heaven (or, as normal humans call it, hell), but was let go when she expressed pro-choice beliefs on The View. While that opinion may have surprised many of her fans, it’s been her only redeeming take since she became a household name. It wasn’t so long ago Lahren actually did seem to share liberal viewpoints, as evidenced by some of her old tweets. It’s unclear whether or not she actually is a liberal and is scamming conservative media for personal gain, or if she genuinely believes the things that come out of her mouth; either way, she’s trash.

While the increasingly authoritarian regime we’re living under has given more and more legitimacy to disturbing viewpoints like Lahren’s, at least there are people holding her accountable across her medium of choice: Twitter. She’s battled with everyone from Wale to the BeyHive on social media, losing miserably again and again—much to our delight.

Still, Lahren’s digital vitriol includes more than a handful of disturbing comments. Just last week she said she had to kick her dog “about five times during the show” while she was on Fox & Friends because her canine was chewing on its bone too loudly. She later claimed that the comment was a joke (because animal abuse is hilarious, of course). In a perfect world, this would be the worst thing a political commentator would say off-handedly, but as we know all too well, this is nowhere near the worst Lahren has to offer. Here are Tomi Lahren’s most controversial moments.