The Most Viral TikTok Trends of 2020

Where would we be without TikTok? The video-sharing app provided a source of entertainment throughout a difficult year, with many engaging in dance challenges for the first time throughout lockdowns. 

It seems there's a new trend or niche community popping up on the app daily. Since it's hard to keep track, here's a round-up of the trends that defined 2020.

Blinding Lights Challenge

The Blinding Lights challenge, to a song by the Weeknd of the same name, brought the online community together to dance, including Jessica Alba's whole family


While motivation videos have existed for years, last year's format was inspired by Hannah Stater, who uploaded a harp cover of ODESZA song, "A Moment Apart." Highlights include Nev Schulman that we're getting catfished and Dr. Phil urging fans to stop calling him daddy.


To pay tribute to a song that defined the year, people on TikTok attempted the immensely difficult dance routine

Pancake Cereal

We can't tell you why, but "pancake cereal" went viral last year


Jordan Scott went viral with a challenge that numerous attractive friends took him up on — "I ain't never seen two pretty best friends". 

Parents Impersonating Their Kids

This trend calls for some hilarious family bonding moments. Kate Hudson's son even took a turn impersonating her

Random Things

Showing off random things that just make sense. Because, why not?

I Am Lost

This trend became popular on TikTok that sees people bringing their missing objects to life.

Bored In The House

Created by Curtis Roach, this song was all over TikTok last year (for obvious reasons).