Air Dates: December 1, 2017 - Present
Network: Netflix 
Best Episode: "Lügen" (December 1, 2017)

When trying to explain this mysterious German sci-fi show, it helps to compare it to two American shows: Twin Peaks and Stranger Things. Dark is about the search for a few teenagers who disappeared from a small, woodsy town, replete with unexplainable supernatural horrors. The show is also (at least partially) set in the ‘80s, and the source of the town’s mysterious occurrences is a nuclear power plant. However, the show is darker and moodier than Twin Peaks and Stranger Things; it forges a new, complicated—and decidedly more European in style—path for these familiar storylines. The result is a show that’s fun to watch in the same way Westworld is fun to watch: you’ll be a little confused, very intrigued, and just shaken up enough to start the next episode.