Thanks to his run as host of The Daily Show, Jon Stewart will be remembered as one of the best comedians on television. Of course, his liberal views have gotten him into hot water, especially with folks in media. He was so hated by former CNN anchor Rick Sanchez that during an interview that aired on Sirius XM, Sanchez called Stewart a “bigot,” in addition to accusing him of being “uninformed” and “prejudicial.” Sanchez was fired from CNN a day later, presumably for his remarks.

Despite the verbal darts aimed at him, Stewart enjoys a spot as one of the most influential members of the media, even after his hosting stint ended. He’s publicly stated that he never wanted to be the sole source of news for people, because at the end of the day, he’s still a comedian; his point has always been that the media's version of political discourse in this country is broken. When there are only clowns to get your news from, something is wrong.

And so, yeah, Fox News really hated him for that.