On Friday, June 23, Netflix debuts an interesting new series, GLOW, which is a fictional depiction of a very-real all-women professional wrestling organization from the 1980s, Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling. The IRL show was shot on the Las Vegas strip, and was just as campy (and not-PC) as the madcap 1980s were, and while some of the names and locations have changed, it appears that the Allison Brie-led series maintains some of that reckless abandon.

It's an interesting time to be producing a show of this caliber, considering that about two years ago, the WWE's "Divas Revolution" was dead in the water. Of course, out of that sprung talented women like Sasha Banks and Charlotte Flair, who are paving the way for the next crop of women to come through the WWE (and a major part of the reason the WWE ditched calling their female superstars "divas"), and hopefully the work of these two and many others will turn into even more women going from being fans of the sport to getting into the ring and mashing people out, too.

That's not to say that quality women's wrestling started with Banks or Flair. Women have been doing the damn thing regardless of how they've been treated in the professional wrestling business, long before GLOW was a thing. On the eve of the release of Netflix's look at the insane world of women in pro wrestling in the 1980s, we took a look back at the 10 greatest women to strap on some boots and kick all of the ass. Get familiar with these IRL baddies before diving into the world of GLOW