Starring: Mike Myers, Dana Carvey, Tom Hanks, Aerosmith
Aired: Feb. 17, 1990

Schwing! Just take a moment to meditate on how many times the two hard-rocking Aurora, Ill. residents have saved your ass on Halloween when you procrastinated 'til the last moment on costume decisions. Even the most jacked up Waynes and Garths are still a hit at the party, and that's because they're a hit in real life—even now, 22 years after the characters first appeared.

Unlike other celebrated SNL sketches that took a nose dive once they hit the big screen, the Wayne's World movies are classics to this day: They had characters strong enough to carry them and quotes hysterical enough to keep fans echoing them decades after the 1992 premiere. Wayne Campbell and Garth Algar became megastars in their own right, but they first made a name for themselves on the show, hosting their infamous public access program from the basement of Wayne's parents' house.

In one of the most memorable episodes, the twosome's rock idols, Aerosmith, swing by to hang out. If that wasn't cool enough, Tom Hanks is also there—out of character as he's ever been—as the crew's roadie. And if that wasn't cool enough, Dana Carvey even jumps on the drums and starts banging out the "Wayne's World" theme song along with the group. Still skeptical? To that we say, "Aspinchtersayswhat?"