The formula for a romantic comedy is fairly straightforward. All you need is a couple, a meet-cute, a conflict, and a resolution. Sounds simple, right? It is—sort of. But it’s what happens in between those major film plot points that makes a romantic comedy special and unique.

When it comes to characters, they could be two co-workers who go from office enemies to secret lovers. Or two best friends who suddenly see each other in a new light. Or maybe, they’re two complete strangers who strike up a romance under unlikely circumstances and make room for each other in their lives. No wacky setup or plot twist is off limits in a romantic comedy! And that’s what makes the genre so special. Anything can happen, and it does so in the name of love.

That’s why we love rom-coms so much. They combine the two greatest human emotions of all: love and happiness. One minute we’re laughing at a hilarious joke, and the next our heart is swelling (or breaking) for somebody onscreen. When both happen at the same time, it’s truly magical. Some moviegoers may say that rom-coms are too predictable and formulaic, but that’s just another great thing we love about them. You know what you’re getting when you watch a rom-com; you know that you’re going to laugh, love, feel, and be fulfilled with the (usually) happily-ever-after outcome. Rom-coms may not always be realistic, but they’re always satisfying to watch.

We’ll be honest: This list of the best romantic comedies of all time was incredibly difficult to make. There are so many excellent movies, how could we possibly narrow it down to include just the best of the best? But that’s why this list was also incredibly fun to make. An entire article dedicated to our favorite sweet, funny movies about love? Sign us up.

Here’s our list of the best romantic comedies of all time. We guarantee it’ll have you planning a movie night ASAP.

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