Do you have trouble keeping up with the fuckery that goes down weekly in the world of pop culture, and want one hub to dissect it all? Want that place to also give you hard-hitting, honest opinions on matters of race, sexuality, and all other topics that populate our timelines on the regular? Welcome to The Read.

Hosted by Kid Fury and Crissle, The Read doesn't pull punches, no matter how hilarious...or real. And nine times out of ten, their views are not only spot-on, but will sound like the voices inside of your own head when some bullshit goes down and your immediate reaction is to drag the hell out of whomever is spewing racist bile or on some overall nonsense in the public light.

Whether it's their weekly dragging of the hot topics in the world of celebrities, answering the numerous emails being sent about real life insanity, or reading the hell out of everyone from the parents of annoying kids on planes to police officers who are quick to pull a trigger and murder civilians, there's a reason why Kid Fury and Crissle's podcast shot up the iTunes "New and Noteworthy" section early on, and stayed there ever since.