There were doubts that the original Portal could be made into something bigger and better the second time around, but when has it ever been a good idea to bet against Valve Corporation? As the esteemed company once again proved with this platforming puzzler, they just know how to make a damn good game. Portal 2’s cooperative mode was hailed for being just a plain fun way to spend some time with a friend, making for a collaborative experience that was hard to match. Building from the original’s mechanics and gameplay, the sequel also brought in new characters, a wicked sense of humor, and some top-notch writing to supplement the series’ formal innovations.

Oli Welsh of
Eurogamer specifically highlighted this quality in his review of the title: “Portal was a sequence of great jokes, but Portal 2 is that rare beast, an actual video game comedy—and one of the funniest ever.” He was hardly alone in his praise; numerous outlets and institutions, including the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences, named Portal 2 their game of the year.