Since its inception, the Grand Theft Auto series has been the standard for open-ended exploration, allowing its players to completely eschew social responsibility in the name of reckless, virtual mayhem. Rockstar always knew how to make a hit with this franchise, but the fifth main entry was a homerun. In the first three days of its 2013 release, Grand Theft Auto V sold over $1 billion in product, surpassing the ambitions of even its own most hardened criminal warlords by becoming the fastest-selling entertainment property ever.

In his review of the game,
Polygon’s Chris Plante remarked: “The achievement of Grand Theft Auto 5 is its consistent quality. That's what makes its world feel so believable—there's almost nothing that will pull you out of it.” His praise was echoed by many critics who felt that GTA V’s presentation and design made it as immersive as any game to date; however, they also denounced its poorly-written, even misogynistic, depictions of women, as well as its portrayals of torture. Still, as long as you don’t get too lost beneath its dark underbelly, Grand Theft Auto V towers over its storied predecessors as the franchise’s most outstanding achievement.