PC games are a cherished relic of the late 20th century and early 2000s. Though PC games are still popular among gaming purists, video games of all sorts have mostly replaced PC games as top tier entertainment for the everyday gamer, thanks to the plethora of consoles available, from the Xbox One to the Nintendo Switch to the recently buzzed about PlayStation 5. 

But to the once-PC gamer (or maybe still current PC gamer), nothing can replace the magic of beloved classic PC games. Games like The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, the Total War series, Dota 2, and many games from the Grand Theft Auto universe play well on a PC, and are still enjoyed by plenty of gamers. Whether you love a strategy game, an action-adventure game, or objective based games, the wide range of PC games out there has something for everyone trying to experience the magic. 

Stealth-based or weapons-based, first-person-shooter or run-of-the-mill strategy game, committed PC gamer or newcomer to the world of PC games, read on for the 10 best PC games of all time.