A good plot twist is a special kind of thrill. Many TV shows—Game of Thrones immediately comes to mind—have mastered the art of the sudden character death or bombshell revelation, the big twist that changes the entire structure of the plot. A truly good twist is the kind you never forget.

Plot twists tend to work best for the horror or thriller genres; they can be especially great for these genres primarily because they act as the ultimate shock or surprise for an audience who already signed up to be on the edge of their seat. Whether it's a twist-ending or a mid-story twist, a film that throws you for a loop is one that you likely won't be quick to forget. 

Some of the most classic horror movies (and those of other genres) are identified as such because of their twist ending. Seeing dead people, the killer being closer than they appear; whatever the plot twist may be, when done right, it will always enhance the movie-going experience for the audience. 

Of course, we can't break down the best movies with a twist without giving a serious spoiler alert, so consider this yours: you've been warned. These are the best movies with a twist.