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Okay, take your pick.  In 1989, Tim Burton picked his go-to music impresario, Danny Elfman (formerly of Oingo Boingo) to create the grand palette that blanketed his colorful, kitschy update of Batman, to which he recorded no less than 30 themes and which producer Jon Peters thought enough to release as its own album.  Prince was brought in as kind of an interpretive musical dancer to give his take on the whole Bat world universe and within six weeks – four weeks after the release of Elfman’s work - came up with the eleven million album selling Batman soundtrack, featuring the number one charted “Batdance.”  Then again, you may be partial to the Dark Knight, quite literally a darker and edgier orchestral work (where else will you find razor blades on stringed instruments to simulate a tortured soul?).  Whatever your fancy, it’s rare that you’ll find so much awesome musical expression all for one character.