Country: India
Director: Qaushiq Mukherjee
Stars: Shashank Arora, Tanmay Dhanania, Siddharth Mallya,  Chaitanya Varad, Sindhu Sreenivasa Murthy

It’s been called the Indian American Pie, Indian Superbad, or Indian Animal House, and while it may be true that Brahman Naman is a raunchy sex comedy with some of the same kinds of jokes and innuendoes as those American teenage classics, the comparisons aren’t exactly one to one. Set in the 1980s at a Bangalore high school and focusing on a group of young, horny teenage guys on the school’s quiz team, Brahman Naman’s vibes are on par with any great indie flick from this country. The general trajectory of the movie is relatively easy to guess: these boys want girls, but have no idea how to speak to them, and set off on a flirting mission that ends up with one of them tying his dick to a ceiling fan. But the surprise here is how enjoyable and truly funny the movie is, despite all the cringeworthy ways these guys try to get attention from the ladies.

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