Year: 2003
Consoles: Playstation 2, Xbox, Gamecube

NBA Street was a different kind of basketball video game, sort of like NBA Jam optimized for the early 00s. 

This game was a staple for any sports fan who grew up in the PS2/XBox/GameCube days, who wanted to play a different kind of basketball game. It featured current NBA stars and past NBA legends taking up the blacktop for some arcade-style action. Anyone who may have found the standard NBA Live games a little stale was able to find solace in the first-to-21 style blacktop games the NBA Street series had to offer. 

In addition to being wildly entertaining, NBA Street Vol. 2 perfectly embodied the hip-hop minded atmosphere of the early-00s NBA. The game came along with tracks from hip-hop stars like Nelly, Nate Dogg, and Redman, all of whom were big stars back in the day.