Year: 1992
Consoles: Super Nintendo, Sega Genesis

Truth be told, this isn’t the world’s greatest basketball game. In fact, it’s probably not even the best basketball game made for the Super Nintendo or Sega Genesis—that would be NBA Jam, obviously.

But this game was incredibly influential and advanced for its time, and would be the precursor to EA’s NBA Live series, which actually used to be a worthwhile series. This series was the third installment in EA’s NBA Playoffs series, which was the first-ever series to feature real NBA teams and players. Michael Jordan is even available in this game, which would become a rarity in subsequent basketball video games for licensing reasons.

This game doesn’t have the flare or pizzazz of NBA Jam or even the subsequent NBA Live games of the Super Nintendo/Sega Genesis era, but this game blew things away by 1992 standards. Bulls vs. Blazers also ranks 10/10 in the nostalgia department.