Most of the time, comic book crossovers are simply a way for publishers to pump some extra money out of fans. They’re usually bloated, highly priced, affairs that depend on cheap publicity stunts to gain attention, as opposed to solid storytelling. 2007’s Sinestro Corps War bucked that trend by featuring killer art and a deep story that actually had a reason for existing.

When Sinestro broke apart from the Green Lantern Corps, he was obsessed with brining his unyielding brand of justice to the universe by any means necessary. And after years of failing on his own, the clever killer from Korugar created his own Yellow Lanterns Corps in order to combat the Green Lanterns. Gone was the moustache-twirling Sinestro of the Silver Age, as this new version of the character was modeled after Adolf Hitler and other historical dictators in order to provide some much needed depth to the story. 

Writer Geoff Johns brought cosmic action back to comics with a plot that was dense enough for hardcore fans, yet relatable to everyone. Once again, DC proved that you don’t need pervasive violence, bloodshed, or rape to bring in readers, only good stories and fantastic art.