Not many people may be aware of this, but at one point The New Teen Titans was one of the most successful books at DC, and the most memorable story in the entire series was The Judas Contract. Written by Marv Wolfman, the story was filled with everything a comic book fan could ever hope for: action, intrigue, betrayal, and, of course, statutory rape.

With Deathstroke, a.k.a. the Terminator, picking off the Titans one-by-one, Nightwing knew that there was more behind the attacks than meets the eye. When Deathstroke’s ex-wife visits Dick Grayson and confirms these suspicions, he is shocked to learn that a fellow Titan named Terra had helped Deathstroke unleash his attack. It is also revealed that the 16-year-old Terra was getting down and dirty with the middle-aged, and completely loony, Deathstroke.

This was a deeply personal story that changed these naive characters forever and showed them the ugly side of crime-fighting.These types of events simply didn’t happen in comics at the time, but Wolfman shrugged at the norm and brought sleazy storytelling to the mainstream.