There are currently about a dozen or so retellings of Superman’s origins. Comic books, TV shows, movies, and novels have all tried their hand at reimagining the early days of the Man of Steel, but only one book combines the best of all of them into one concise story: Superman For All Seasons. It’s nostalgic, iconic, and infinitely relatable, as writer Jeph Loeb cherry picked the best of the best from past comics and movies to flawlessly illustrate how Clark Kent became Superman.

Narrated by different members of Superman’s supporting cast (Pa Kent, Lex Luthor, Lois Lane, and Lana Lang) For All Seasons attempts to humanize the Man of Steel by presenting him as a simple farmer’s son from Kansas, as opposed to the unstoppable demigod that he had become. And it also doesn't hurt that Tim Sale brings a Norman Rockwell approach to the sweeping cornfields of Kansas.

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