In the near future, the DC Universe is a much scarier place. The line between hero and villain has become increasingly blurred as new generations of vigilantes are using extreme means to fight crime, and the human population is stuck in the middle of a bloody war. Humanity’s last hope is for Superman, now self-exiled to the Fortress of Solitude, to come out of retirement and teach these young heroes what it means to be an icon.

Featuring an incredibly bleak plot by Mark Waid, Kingdom Come’s most prominent feature is the beautifully painted artwork by Alex Ross. He crafts the heroes of the DC Universe as infinitely iconic and powerful, while still retaining his storytelling abilities. His art isn’t just flashy; it also perfectly compliments Waid’s plot.

Kingdom Come can be seen simply as a big budget action book, but it’s also a critique on the comic book industry in general, which was focusing on violent vigilantes at the time. Waid counteracted this trend by creating an epic where Superman schools the young generation and shows the world what a hero really should be.

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