After Stan Lee took credit for all of his ideas and robbed him of the royalties, Jack Kirby jumped ship to DC Comics and created The New Gods; a sprawling space-opera that took abandoned ideas from his Marvel days and adjusted them for a new mythology. Introducing the world to characters like Darkseid, Highfather, and Orion, The New Gods was a beautifully dynamic book with a ton of action and a complicated character list with more nuances than the Lord of the Rings.

The New Gods was sci-fi storytelling at its best, but Kirby always took great care in making the stories very universal in tone. There are elements from the Bible and Norse mythology present in the series, and some aspects of the story are as deep as any fantasy tale on record.

Kirby’s work on New Gods was spread across multiple books, but DC has collected everything into easy to find collections recently. That’s a good thing because New Gods is a great read for anyone who doubts that comic books have some of the deepest mythology in all of America literature.

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