Much like DC is doing this September with its companywide relaunch, Crisis on Infinite Earths was an attempt to streamline continuity and make books easier to pick up for novice comic book fans. The story focused on a being named the Anti-Monitor who wanted to destroy all of the multiple realities of the DC Universe.

The 12-issue mega event saw the death of Supergirl, the Flash, the Superman of Earth-One, and countless others, but, of course, the heroes won in the end. However, DC’s continuity was never the same. All of the characters received updates and reboots, and most of the mythology was drastically overhauled. This book led to new origins such as Man of Steel, Batman: Year One, and others.

While the story, written by Marv Wolfman and meticulously drawn by George Perez, was monumental for longtime fans of comics, new fans shouldn’t rush to pick it up. It’s an incredibly dense and somewhat confusing read that can even leave longtime comic book fans scratching their heads. But if you’re feeling up to the challenge, then pick it up and immerse yourself in the infinitely detailed mythology of the DC Universe.

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