Director: Boaz Yakin
Stars: Sean Nelson, Giancarlo Esposito, Samuel L. Jackson, N'Bushe Wright

A film like Fresh might get dismissed by many as another street crime drug film...which it is. The problem is most of those films end in a hail of gunfire; Fresh has its share of violence, but its really about the chess game being played. Sean Nelson, who you may remember from The Wood and HBO's The Corner, starred in this one early, playing Fresh, a street-wise kid who has big aspirations and a lot of connections to the streets. He is also an avid chess player, and its the scenes with his absentee father (played by Samuel L. Jackson!) that helps him devise a plan after experiencing some of the harsher sides of life: can he escape the drug game as masterfully as he would on the chessboard? Also featured is acting legend Giancarlo Esposito as the big bad, and N'Bushe Wright (who you definitely remember from Blade) in a smaller, powerful role.