Director: Frederick Wiseman

One of the most infamously banned films in movie history, Frederick Wiseman's unsettling black-and-white documentary Titicut Follies shows mankind's cruelest capabilities with such realism and unwavering gutsiness that it's impossible to shake off. Wiseman ventured into the Bridgwater State Hospital, in Massachusetts, to document the everyday lives of its criminally insane inmates. What he captured, and subsequently named after a talent show put on by the residents, is, to say the least, distressing.

The patients, usually without any clothes on, are viciously screamed at by the guards, dragged around by their arms and legs, and even killed due to inhumane practices. One scene shows one worker force-feeding an inmate by jamming a tube into his nose, followed by quick cuts of said inmate's burial. The complete disregard for others' well-beings seen throughout Titicut Follies is truly heartbreaking stuff.