Director: Adam Rehmeier

It's taken The Bunny Game four years to receive a proper American release, and we can see why. As the British Board of Film Classification's decision to ban it from UK cinemas makes clear, director Adam Rehmeier's black-and-white, near-snuff film isn't for the faint of heart; frankly, we don't know who in the hell it's for exactly.

The Human Centipede II, another recent piece of B&W exploitation, at least has the self-awareness and grasp on gallows humor to make us laugh at its insanity; The Bunny Game, with its repulsive presentation of a prostitute named Bunny (Rodleen Getsic) being endlessly and sickeningly savaged by a mad trucker, is torture porn without a funny bone in its celluloid body. Play this game at your own risk.