Director: Dusan Makavejev

Clearly, that's an ironic movie title. Anything but a "sweet movie," Yugoslavian director Dusan Makavejev's harrowing flick tells the story of two women: a Canadian beauty pageant winner and boat captain commanding a ship loaded with candy.

For the beauty queen, Makavejev has plenty of horrors in store, from stuffing her into a car's trunk to having her vagina practically choke a dude's willy. Her darkest hour comes when she joins an artsy-fartsy community with some rather deranged ideals; for example, they have a rebirthing ritual that involves a "newborn" person pissing and shitting all over themselves while their fellow loons clean the grime off their bodies. And, yes, Makavejev shows it all.

As for the captain, she doesn't fare much better, although she's the one doing the awful things. One such act finds her stabbing a guy to death in the middle of sex; at other times, she's luring kids onto her boat with the promise of endless sweets. And, yes, the little ones soon die.