Director: David Fincher

Se7en transformed David Fincher from a simple music video director into a true visionary of cinema. The movie is about two detectives (played by Brad Pitt and Morgan Freeman) who try to solve the case of a serial killer who seems to be knocking off his victims to the tune of the seven deadly sins. It’s a gritty, realistic thriller that doesn’t just get to us because of the violence, but because of the psychological aspects as well.

Each murder scene is modeled after one of the sins from the Bible, with the most disturbing being “lust” and “sloth.” It’s an intense piece of filmmaking that is so raw and unnerving that it tends to stick with you well after it’s over, and with good reason. The final 10 minutes of the picture features one of the most shocking and, frankly, nauseating scenes of the past few decades of American film. We’ll guarantee that you’ll never open a box without this scene flashing through your mind ever again.