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Director: Gaspar Noé

Gaspar Noé's blackout-dark character study I Stand Alone looks and feels like the version of Taxi Driver Martin Scorsese might have made if he were a total sadist back in the '70s. Like Travis Bickle, I Stand Alone's nameless protagonist, known as "the butcher" (a powerhouse performance by Philippe Nahon), hates everything about those around him; he's a racist, cold, cruel human being who harbors an intense sexual attraction to his young daughter and literally beats his mistress's unborn baby to death by ferociously punching her in the stomach.

And just when you think the butcher can't get any worse, he goes and does the unthinkable, in a scene that Noé cleverly prefaces with a "Warning" sign and a 30-second countdown meant to give the viewer time to turn the movie off before it really goes off the rails. How it derails is something we're not about to spoil here, but, trust us, it's an image that'll stain itself into your brains for a long time after.